Blessed Samhain

Blessed Samhain

The Blessed Samhanin, also known as the Blessed Sacrament, was a sacrament celebrated by the Orthodox Church in the Byzantine Empire during the reign of Constantine I. The celebration was celebrated annually in the month of Samhains, the second day of the lunar month.

The sacrament was celebrated in the church in Samhages town, which has a small chapel and a statue of St. Basil the Great that is believed to have been created by Saint Basil.

It was celebrated by an altar in the town church, and was known as Samhaimina in the vernacular.

It is believed that the saint was born on April 12, 579, and died on April 18, 589.

In a letter to the saint, St. Paul said that he was “the first of the apostles who was blessed by the Holy Spirit, by which the blessedness of Christ is manifested in the whole world.”