‘Blessed’ Teen ‘Bought’ a New Coat from Her Dad

‘Blessed’ Teen ‘Bought’ a New Coat from Her Dad

BILLINGHAM, Maine (AP) It’s a story that starts in a mall in rural Maine and ends with the child of a pastor’s son.

“I’m just blessed,” said the child’s mother, Katelyn Riggs, as she walked through the mall, where she had the opportunity to buy a new coat for her 14-year-old daughter.

The two-day trip to the mall to buy the new coat was part of a weeklong visit for Riggs and her daughter, Emma, who have been blessed by their pastor’s sons.

The children’s father is also a member of the church.

“Our pastor and his son are just blessed to be with us,” Riggs said.

Riggs said she and her children were visiting the mall with the church’s pastor, Robert Riggs.

The pastor has a full-time job, which includes running the church, but the two have been able to travel to the country to visit family.

They spent a day with a group of friends in the woods, before returning to the family’s home in Biddeford, Maine, to spend time with Riggs’ father and daughter.

Rounds later, Emma and her family visited Riggs in the state capital of Augusta.

“We were blessed to have them come to visit us,” Emma Riggs told The Associated Press.

“When they came to visit, we were very blessed and we were happy to have the opportunity.”

Riggs has lived in the small community of Biddeben since 2009.

Riggs has been blessed with her four children.

Ricks family also has children from a previous marriage, and her oldest son is in the military.

Rakes Riggs is a senior pastor at St. Michael the Archangel Baptist Church in Biddingeford.

She said she’s been blessed to live in Bidsen and that she is thankful to her family for helping her to raise her children.

“It’s amazing, to be able to be blessed,” Rakes Rives said.

“There’s nothing like it.

They’ve never really given up.”

Rakes said she has no plans to retire and that the church has helped her raise her family.

“The pastor’s been a blessing,” Rains said.

“If you go to any other church, there’s always a preacher and you’re going to get a different pastor, but they’re very, very kind, very welcoming, very supportive.”