“Don’t kill a baby by making it cry”

“Don’t kill a baby by making it cry”

The title is an accurate quote by the late Christiane Amanpour.

But the quote has been debunked numerous times and in fact, the phrase was coined by the German psychologist E.O. Wilson, who was the director of the University of Cambridge Psychoanalytic Center and the author of The Language Instinct.

When asked in the early 1980s if she believed children should be “born to cry,” Amanpour replied, “I am not going to answer that question.

I am not the one to answer it.”

This was a bit of a surprise to her colleagues, who at the time believed that Amanpour was using a metaphor that implied the child was not a person.

Amanpour, a journalist who specialized in child psychology, later became a controversial figure in the child rights movement.

“There are many other people who believe the same thing, but not me,” Amanpents sister-in-law, the late Alice Ehrlich, told The Atlantic in 2012.

“And it’s very strange to see someone like that [Ehrlich] talking about the child.”

In 2006, a psychologist named David Reiter coined the phrase “mother’s love,” and Amanpour is now considered the “mother of love.”

The phrase is used by children, including Amanpour’s two children.

According to the International Committee of the Red Cross, there are more than 40 million children worldwide, and about 5 million of them die from neglect every year.

“I have witnessed the worst abuse of the child by a mother,” Amannies mother, Barbara, told the BBC in 2013.

“She was very abusive, but I did not understand that she was so upset that I did everything to protect her.

She wanted me to do all the work and not care about my child, and that was my mistake.”

Amanpour once said that she believed in “parental alienation,” a concept coined by Dr. Michael J. Dirda, a psychoanalyst at the University Of Colorado in Boulder.

“We don’t see children as fully human.

We see them as being a product of the environment that is in place,” she told Oprah Winfrey in 2006.

“So I believe that the reason for the alienation, the reason why so many children become victims of abuse, is because the child is a product.

The child is not the source of the abuse.”

Amanpions parents had two children who died in 2005 from neglect.

Amanpines youngest child, who is now eight, was placed in a foster home after she became sick.

In 2014, the family was contacted by the Child Protective Services office, which was investigating her, but they refused to take her back.

“They said, ‘We’re not going back, but we’re going to give you the children,'” Amanpies sister, Maria, told ABC News in 2014.

“That was really shocking to us.

And we are really devastated by that.”