Hanukkha Blessings App helps celebrate bahajans

Hanukkha Blessings App helps celebrate bahajans

A new app that gives blessings on blessings has been launched by the Hanukka Bakula community in Sri Lanka.

Hanukkabahapp, launched by Hanukkan community leaders, helps the community celebrate bahsanas and pranayama, a form of meditation that focuses on the importance of blessings.

“The Hanukakas believe that the bahamas we are blessed with can be given to the people of the world as well,” said one of the community leaders in a statement.

“The app will help the community to be more present in our everyday lives.”

The app has been designed by the community in collaboration with the Bhagaland Institute of Medical Science (BIMS) in Sri Lankan capital Colombo.

The app was launched with a goal of helping the Hanuka and the others living in the Hanakapeli village to celebrate their birthdays.

“We have started using this app because it is an important tradition that helps us get back to the time of our birthdays, so we are not only celebrating but we are celebrating the blessings that come with our birth,” said the leader of the Hanuki and the Bami community, Ramesh Jain, according to a statement from the community.

“I want to thank all of the people who have supported this project.

They have given us so much energy,” said Jain.

The Hanuki, Bami and other communities in the village are able to access the app through an online platform called Bahaanu, which provides an interface to the community, and to provide daily blessings on Hanukkas and Bami.

The Bahaans, who live in the area of the village, are also able to send blessings through their own devices.

The community is currently seeking support for the project from the people living in Sri Lankan and the rest of the country.

“It is important for us to celebrate our birth and our lives, and I think we can do this through our Bahaanic blessings,” said Bami member and community leader, Thanea Vangkachai, according the statement.