How to avoid a lawsuit over the ‘Bless the Lord’ flag

How to avoid a lawsuit over the ‘Bless the Lord’ flag

By Dan DavenportBlessing the Lord is an American football tradition that originated in North Carolina in 1872, and it has continued through the years.

But it was in 2005 that the North Carolina State Legislature passed a bill that changed the flag.

It’s called the Flag Code and it requires the North Carolinians to wear the state’s flag.

But the state flag is now considered offensive by the U.S. Supreme Court and the ACLU, as it’s too big and has no religious or historical significance.

A bill to remove the flag was introduced in March and would have taken effect on March 1.

The bill would have allowed businesses to display a small version of the flag, but the bill also would have prohibited anyone from displaying it on any public property.

The North Carolina Association of Business and Industry members say the bill has hurt the economy, and the bill is not popular with business owners.

They want the state to drop the flag requirement.

“The flag is an expression of pride and we have to take it down,” said Mark T. Kranish, a member of the association.

“There is no place in our state for a flag that discriminates against the LGBT community.”

The association said in a statement that it will fight to keep the flag on display.