How to make a beautiful, colorful blessing picture of your birthday

How to use these ideas to make your own colorful blessing images.

By JEFFREY B. CRANANFIELDThe following instructions will allow you to create a beautiful colorful blessing image of your first birthday.

If you are creating an image of a birthday celebration, then you will need to follow the same steps.1.

Make a blessing picture in Adobe Illustrator.2.

Select your desired image of the birthdays.3.

Make sure that the text is centered.4.

Make the background as dark as possible.5.

Draw the blessing image with the white background.6.

Adjust the borders, and then adjust the stroke height.7.

Draw a circle to represent the center of the circle.8.

Fill the circle with the text and place the white circle over it.9.

Add a circle of gold and the white text over it and place it over the circle, making sure that it’s centered.10.

Add another gold circle and the gold text to the center and fill the middle.11.

Add more gold circles and the text to create the circle of silver.12.

Add an inner circle and gold text, then the inner circle over the gold and text.13.

Draw an inner border around the circle and then the text.14.

Make two small diamonds and place them over the center diamond, making a circle.15.

Fill in the rest of the background and fill in the circle on the edges.16.

Make three small circles and then add the text around the diamonds.17.

Add the gold to the outer diamond, then fill in all of the edges and fill out the entire circle.18.

Fill out the whole circle and add the inner diamond and gold.19.

Fill-in the inner ring with the inner diamonds and then fill the center.20.

Add four smaller diamonds and fill them in the center, then place the inner rings over the inner circles.21.

Make another ring, then add one inner ring to the inner stones, making two rings, then make two more rings.22.

Make five rings, and add one ring over the other two, making five rings.23.

Make six rings, adding one ring to each ring.24.

Add two rings over each ring, making six rings.25.

Add three rings to each inner ring, and fill up the outer ring with gold and gold-text.26.

Add one ring, fill in, and place inside the circle around the outer rings, making three rings.27.

Add silver rings to the inside ring, adding a silver ring over each of the outer gold and silver rings.28.

Add five rings over one inner circle, and finish by adding three rings, filling up the inner gems and filling the center ring.29.

Make one small circle, fill the inner edges with gold, then put the gold over the outer circles.30.

Add six small circles, and make a large circle over one of the rings.31.

Add gold rings over all the rings, placing a gold ring over every ring, filling the outer circle with gold-and-text and placing a small gold ring at the center center.32.

Add all of your ring images, then finish by placing one ring inside the center circle, filling in the outer outer rings and filling out the inner gold and inner rings.33.

Finish by adding one small ring, but then fill up all the inner and outer rings.34.

Make four smaller rings, add one small gold circle, then all of them and place a small ring over them.35.

Finish the process with one small, small ring and fill-in all the outer, inner and inner-ring-boxes.36.

Add some silver rings, place one silver ring on each inner circle.37.

Add your desired color, then create a blessing image using the colors you choose.38.

Once you have your blessing image, create the image of that birthday by using the same process that you followed for the blessing of the previous birthday.

The best way to create these images is to use the same image on the same paper as the previous image.

To do that, open your Adobe Illustration program and use the ‘Image’ option in the ‘Picture’ menu to create your image.

Then save the image to your computer.

For each new birthday, you should fill in your original image of it in Illustrator and then create your blessing picture with the colors and patterns you chose.

To make sure that you have the same color and pattern for your next birthday, select your favorite color and design from the drop-down menu in Illustator.

Be sure to use black, white, or light gray.

You will need three images, one of which will be your blessing.