How to read the verses of scripture

How to read the verses of scripture

Blessed is the day that the LORD hath made for you and blessed is the Sabbath that you may go in peace.

And blessed is your holy place.

Blessed is your home.

Blessed are the peacemakers.

Blessed you and your house, O Lord, because you are righteous and faithful and know all things.

Blessed your name, O LORD, because of the righteousness and faithfulness of your servant Isaac, whom you have called to be your servant.

Blessed Isaac, O Isaac, who went in peace, and did all that he could, and blessed his house.

Blessed he is, O God, because he has loved his brother.

Blessed will he be when he comes, and shall be his name forever.

Blessed be the Lord, the God of Jacob, the LORD of Israel, for he hath loved us.

Blessed God, Lord of hosts, of the earth, and of the universe, because your servant Jacob hath done all that ye have commanded him.

Blessed the LORD, for the LORD loved the house of Jacob.

Blessed Jacob, O Jacob, because the LORD is faithful and he hath made him holy.

Blessed shall be the house that Isaac left, for Isaac went in a peace and joy in your sight.

Blessed shalt thou be, O thou that hast chosen to be holy, and have turned your eyes to me, and thou shalt be blessed for thy kindness and thy lovingkindness.

Blessed, O my people, blessed, for God hath made thy ways clean.

Blessed Abraham, and the sons of thy father Isaac, and Isaac’s wives, and Jacob’s daughters, and all that are named by you, O Father Abraham, in heaven above, where no one has seen me, because God hath loved me.

Blessed thy name, and thy house, and thine holy place, and God hath blessed thy house.

Bless thy name.

Blessed am I, O Abraham, because thou hast loved thy brother.

God hath been kind to thee, O son of Abraham.

Blessed art thou in heaven, O Son of Abraham, thou that didst not forsake thy father Abraham.

God is good, O the LORD God of Israel.

Blessed we are that are called after thee, for thy seed has been chosen in heaven.

Blessed were Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Israel, because they loved the LORD their God.

Blessed was Abraham, Jacob and his seed, because we did all the commandments that were given us. Amen.