Pence’s blessing bags: Trump promises blessing, says he’ll bless ‘a lot of people’

Pence’s blessing bags: Trump promises blessing, says he’ll bless ‘a lot of people’

President Donald Trump promised to bless “a lot” of people during a speech Friday, saying he would bless “literally millions of people.”

“It’s going to be a blessing for a lot of them, literally millions of them,” Trump told the crowd at a prayer breakfast in a room of more than 500 at the White House.

The president also touted a list of blessings he had received over the past few days.

He said he received “a blessing on this very special day, and that was a blessing on my family, and it’s going on with me right now, so I’ll get a lot to do with you guys tonight, but that’s a blessing.”

“I have been blessed,” he added.

“I am so blessed and I thank you so much for having faith in me,” Trump said.

The President made the remarks after attending the prayer breakfast.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Trump’s remarks were an extension of the White Trump campaign message, which was that the president is blessed with his staff and staffs are blessed.

On Thursday, Trump had praised the people of the United States and said he was grateful for their support and for the blessings he has received from the American people.

He said he has been blessed by the blessings of the God and God Bless America, which he said is one of the blessings that God gave to me and my family.

“But he said he is now blessed by his administration, saying, “My administration is a blessing to the American taxpayer.

The American taxpayer is being blessed by this administration.

The taxpayers are being blessed, and I appreciate the American taxpayers being blessed.

“Trump on Friday told the audience at the prayer lunch, “I’m not going to talk about who we bless, who we pray for, who is in the White Houses office.

But the president, the president blesses all of you.

“In his address, Trump praised a number of groups, saying they are “blesses to the nation and their people.

“Trump, who previously claimed he had no interest in a full pardon, also pledged to help “a very large group of people” with his “many, many, many pardons.””

That’s a promise,” Trump added.