The best and worst of the NBA Finals

The best and worst of the NBA Finals

The NBA Finals have been an annual rite of passage for the sport of basketball.

They are a rite of the past, a spectacle that is rarely seen outside of the UK and Australia, and that is usually reserved for the biggest games in the history of the game.

The last time the NBA saw such a spectacle was in 2011, when the league faced off against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA’s championship series, and it was the last of many that have been held for years.

While the NBA has been held annually since the 1960s, the last time a championship was contested on a Sunday was in 1988, when Los Angeles Clippers star and MVP Shaquille O’Neal went to the ring in the first NBA title game since 1962.

The NBA was founded in 1925 as the National Basketball Association.

Since then, the NBA is one of the most popular sports in the world, and one of its most successful in recent years.

The 2017-18 season was a banner year for the NBA.

The league reached a record of 947 games, the highest since the league was formed in 1885, according to ESPN.

The record is tied with the 2011-12 season, when it reached 1,062.

The NBA’s season ended in December, but the league continued on as a part of the International Series, where the league plays two exhibition games a year.