This guy was blessed with a tattoo honoring his friends and family who died in an airplane crash

This guy was blessed with a tattoo honoring his friends and family who died in an airplane crash

An artist and tattoo artist in California who created a blessing for his close friends and loved ones who died while flying the Boeing 767 was honored by his family for it, his website says.

According to his website, John B. Dickey is a tattoo artist and founder of The Tattooed God Tattoo and Gifts.

Dickey was one of the two people who died on the 767 during a midair crash in Los Angeles on January 3, 2010.

Dermott, 48, who was from California, had the word ‘Blessed’ tattooed on his neck and forearm, according to his Facebook page.

He said he was blessed by his close and dear friends and fellow Pilots, as well as his family, for making the tattoo and the blessing for them.

The blessing, a portrait of a family in a wheelchair, said: “I am blessed to have the opportunity to create this blessing for my loved ones in this very moment, and to give this blessing to you and your family in such a meaningful way.”

The tattooed portrait depicts a family sitting on the edge of a wheelchair in front of the plane’s nose and the words: “God bless you all.

This is my home, my home and my family.”

The other person on the plane is depicted as being in a hospital bed.

The story was posted on Dickey’s website on Wednesday and drew thousands of likes and comments.

Dermot Dickey wrote: “A small blessing from the Almighty to you, my beloved Pilots and my closest friends and families, and my fellow Pilot and friends.”

He added: “The world would not be the same without you.”

“As Pilots we have been blessed by God with this blessing, and it is an eternal blessing, to know that you are loved by God,” he wrote.

“To know that this will never change.”

The plane crashed into a field near Santa Monica, California, shortly after takeoff.

A passenger died, and two more died in the plane and in the crash.

Dermott, a father of two, said he has received a number of requests for his blessing.

He was born in Los Alamitos, California.

He was a mechanic on a military aircraft.

Dermot told ABC News in an email that he chose to have a tattoo of his name on his left forearm because his father had it.