Trump signs bill to boost funding for flood relief

Trump signs bill to boost funding for flood relief

President Donald Trump signed a bill on Friday to provide $10 billion in federal flood relief, as he looks to build on his campaign pledge to rebuild infrastructure after a devastating storm.

Trump signed the relief bill, signed by Democratic Sen. John Thune, on Friday evening in the Rose Garden, according to a White House pool report.

The bill is expected to be signed by Trump on Sunday.

It provides $10 million for flood insurance, and $10.5 million to help communities and businesses rebuild after flooding in Texas and Louisiana, as well as to help families in flood-affected areas.

The bill would also provide $1.5 billion in emergency flood relief funds to states, cities and towns.

The money would be used to create a new Disaster Risk Reduction Account and establish a Disaster Recovery Fund, as needed, and to fund a range of activities, including disaster planning, disaster mitigation, disaster response and recovery, flood restoration, recovery assistance, and disaster relief.

The administration has not specified a timeframe for the funding.

The President’s budget would also be finalized on Monday, the White House said.

The president’s budget is still being finalized.

The White House did not immediately provide a timeline for when Congress would approve the relief package.

The President will sign the bill into law on Sunday, Thune said in a statement Friday night.

The Texas governor, Greg Abbott, said on Twitter that Trump “should get credit for doing what needs to be done for our country” and called the bill a “win for Texas and all Texans.”

The President signed a federal bill on Thursday that would provide $4 billion for flood damage mitigation.

The Senate passed the measure by a margin of 65-34.

The legislation also gives states $6.8 billion to help with flood mitigation and restoration.

The measure also directs $2 billion to FEMA to help prepare communities for the coming storms, and the House passed the bill by a narrow margin of 61-40.