What Is a ‘Blessed Neck Tattoo’?

What Is a ‘Blessed Neck Tattoo’?

The term “blessing neck tattoo” refers to a tattoo, usually on the forearm, that is associated with a particular blessing.

Many blessings come in different colors, and the colors may vary by blessing.

The name of the tattoo, for instance, may be associated with the color red, blue, yellow, green, or blue.

The blessing is placed on the forehead, usually to represent the blessing and blessings of a specific person, such as Jesus, God, or Buddha.

The tattoo may be placed on either side of the forehead or over the forehead (sometimes on top of it), or the tattoo may also be placed over the right side of your forehead.

The color may also vary by person, for example, black may be paired with red, yellow with green, blue with blue, or white with green.

If a person is associated more with a specific blessing, the tattoo can be placed with a red band, or green band.

In some instances, the color of the blessing can be chosen from the rainbow, which is composed of colors ranging from yellow to purple, to white, to red.

It is not uncommon for blessings to be written on the skin of the forearm or wrist.

This may be a blessing on one side of an arm, a blessing in the middle of a forearm, or a blessing of the thumb.

The tattoos can be a reminder to remember a person’s blessings, or simply a reminder that you love them.