What Is Inspiration? Happy Anniversary Blessings

What Is Inspiration? Happy Anniversary Blessings

Happy Anniversary blessings!

I am blessed to be alive to share my blessings with you today!

My dear friend and colleague of many years, Dr. Elizabeth Schapiro, has kindly shared her blessings for you.

Dr. Schapio, you have the blessing of her blessing on you and your family!

I hope that you are well and well.

I also wish that you had the blessing that you received today.

The blessings that you were blessed with today were truly amazing.

I have never had a family member that I have shared my blessings to.

I do hope that I can help you and the other families in the same way that I helped you.

I know that I am not the only person in the world that has been blessed by Dr. Phyllis Schapik.

I think you are blessed as well.

It is wonderful to know that Dr.

Schapiro’s blessing can bring joy to the entire family and the entire community.

She has blessed all of us with her blessings.

I hope you can use the blessings that I shared with you.

Happy Anniversary.

Thank you so much!